Walk & Cycle Barcelona

Why not walk and cycle Barcelona instead of using the public transport? Explore the city at a slower pace and you’re likely to see so much more. Spend a day away from the metro and instead take your time strolling around Barcelona.


The city is big, but it’s still possible to walk sections of it. Discover a neighbourhood at a time. You can stumble upon the most wonderful places when you walk down side alleys and quiet cobble streets. Your feet can take you places no other transport can. On foot you can stop when something takes your interest, or continue on if it doesn’t.  If you’re whizzing around from one side of the city to the next by tram or bus you’re likely to miss so much. The added bonus, is it’s completely free!


If you begin to walk blisters into your feet but haven’t had enough of the outdoor, hop on a bike instead. There are a number of routes and plenty of companies dedicated to both hourly and daily bike rentals as well as organised bicycle tours to help you get to know the city. There are actually bicycle terminals all around the city. You can pick up a Bicing card, hop on a bike, explore and then once finished, leave the bicycle at another terminal you come across.

Whether you want to go on a sightseeing tour of the districts or are planning a bike ride along a promenade or beach, a rental bike is the ideal mode of transport. Travelling this way, you are not only being environmentally friendly, you’re also using one of the most flexible means of transport for a large city.

There is a great rental station, which is easy to find right in the Old Town neighbourhood of El Born, near the church of Santa Maria del Mar. For a full 24 hours, you can rent a bicycle for just €18 and there are also options to rent for shorter or longer periods of time.