Barcelona Trams

In Barcelona trams can be spotted all around the city. They are green and white and travel at about the same speed as a car or motorbike. The tram service in Barcelona is not as popular as the metro and bus service, however it is a quick and convenient method to get around the city.

You can buy single tickets for the tram service as well as use the Barcelona Card and T-10. Single tickets can be bought at each tram stop from the ticket machines. Similar to the Metro, the ticket machine can operate in several languages and it will accept both cards and coins. You cannot pay using notes, so bare this in mind.

When you have bought your ticket you will be required to validate it to ensure that you have actually paid for your journey. At points of the trams you will see machines where your ticket can be verified. You will have to press your ticket into the machine where it will punch it and return it to you.

Stations & Routes

At 3 of Barcelona’s tram stations there are barriers at the entrance. These are all on the T5 line: Espronceda, St.Marti de Provençals and Besos. At these stations you do not have to verify your ticket when you get onto the tram due to the fact that you will have already done this at the barrier prior to entering.

The trams are available on a total of six routes. There are 3 routes called ‘Trambaix’: T1, T2 and T3. The other 3 routes are ‘Trambesos’: T4, T5 and T6. The length of time between stops differs. As a rule, there is an average of 2 minutes in between each stop. For example, if you are taking a journey that passes through five stops your journey is likely to last about 10 minutes. In general the tram lines start running at around 5am and send the last tram at midnight.