Barcelona Restaurants

Eating and dining together is an ingrained part of the culture in Spain. In Barcelona restaurants play a very important role for both residents and visitors in the city. Traditionally, in Catalonia and Barcelona, dining out with family and friends is simply part of everyday life. Meal times are respected and enjoyed by all. So much so, that much of the city adapts a slightly slower pace between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm. There is no rush for dinner either. Meals are often served anytime between 9 to 11 pm.

The restaurant scene is colourful and adventurous, with avant-garde culinary innovation as well as rustic dishes. Catalans are legendary lovers of fish, pork and rabbit, as well as duck and lamb. Vegetables are often served boiled with a drizzle of olive oil. In Barcelona restaurants do their best to only use natural ingredients from the Pyrenees and Mediterranean. Produce is good quality and wholesome. If a full meal is not necessary, you’ll have the pick of many traditional appetisers. Choose from delicious local cheese, rich pâtés, as well as any number of cured meats. The Spanish do finger food very well.

Where To Eat

Barcelona will spoil you rotten when it comes to food choices. From small, discrete cafes situated along the side alleys, to fine dining options at the city’s very best restaurants. Enjoy a glass of wine accompanied with some aperitifs as the sun goes down in the square. Then, move into any one of the restaurants surroundings the square.

If you are looking for a budget meal, there are an abundance of casual restaurants that are lower key and have cheaper prices. For those looking to experience the true Catalan culture, try out restaurants which have meal-deal offers. They never fail to please those on a budget. Barcelona city is diverse. Whatever experience you have in mind, you are guaranteed to find it in Barcelona.

The Old City

Ciutat Vella, the Old City is home to lots of cool and rustic tapas locales. Most are within walking distance of each other too. Here, it’s easy to create a fun night out. Combine tasty tapas and bar hopping with a great group of friends and you have an awesome night out. Between the Gothic Quarter, Le Born and Le Raval, there are so many eateries serving authentic Catalan food to choose fro. Washed down with wine or traditional Spanish sangria, this place is a top favourite. Barcelona’s tapas scene is a great way to experience awesome food and the city’s culture at the same time.