Barcelona Metro

Barcelona metro system offers a great way to travel around the city on a budget. The metro in the city is clean, punctual and air-conditioned. Along its many routes you will pass by several major attractions and landmarks. The metro is especially useful in the summer when it can be too hot to walk everywhere. Like any city metro system, during rush hours the routes can get very busy with daily commuters. It’s always best to try and avoid rush hour during the week days if you can.

The Barcelona Metro is easy to use and navigate. There are 11 lines spanning over more than 120km with 169 stations to choose from. You will recognise the entrance to the stations with the help of different elements of signage. The signpost displaying the symbol of the TMB metro is always a good starting point. At the entrance itself you will find information boards that will tell you a number of things, including the name of the station and the line (or lines) that stop at that particular station. You should also find a map of the transport network and the station opening hours, as well as the start and end of the metro service.

The metro is gradually being adapted to make it easier to use by people with disabilities. Measures such as the installation of lifts, escalators, raised marking strips for the visually impaired and public address systems are some examples. These elements are already in place in new stations and are being installed in existing stations. Plans of the whole network indicate those stations that are adapted for use by passengers with reduced mobility.


Tickets can be purchased from the vending machines inside the metro station. Machines operate in several languages and you can pay using cash or card. Simply pick which type of travel card you would like and where you would like to go. You can choose to buy a single one way ticket, which will cost approx €2.15 per person. This is not the most economical option if you plan to use the metro several times in one day.

Consider purchasing a T-10, or a Barcelona Transport Card, if you plan on using the metro a lot during your stay. You’ll save money and time. The Barcelona Card will give you free unlimited transport across the city. It also entitles you to special discounts on the entrance fees to a number of city attractions.