Gracia Barcelona

Gracia Barcelona was a village located outside the city until the late 1800’s. Even if this neighbourhood is only a 15-minute walk from Pl. Catalunya, it feels as if you are entering a completely new city when you walk into it. Gracia Barcelona is a hippie neighbourhood and has its very own unique style. This is a popular area for students, musicians, artists, and activists. The combination makes Gracia one of Barcelona’s most exciting neighbourhoods.

Compared to the other classic Barcelona neighbourhoods, Ciutat Vella and the rest of the old city, Gràcia is relatively devoid of major tourist attractions, a genuine true blessing for the bohemian enclave of Catalonian city life. There aren’t many global brand names or fast-food chains. Instead, small premium street food stations are typical, in addition to a surprising range of ethnic foods, from Japanese to Greek. Common also are the abundant little cafes serving classic Spanish tapas and Catalonian specialties. Shopping is plentiful in funky mum ‘n’ dad stores selling stylish trinkets and vintage clothes. Gifted artisans and artists can be found in the squares and in little ground floor stores. In recent years, the green revolution has arrived in Gràcia. There are lots of organic bakeries, fruit stores, etc.

Nightlife in Gracia Barcelona is dominated by Spanish café culture, with an abundance of small bars and dining establishments that host late night festivity and long conversations. At the weekends, one may hear any variety of regional live music acts, from a single guitarist to a 4 piece band. As for clubs, Otto Zutz is a well known hotspot at the Western end of Gràcia.

Because of its many squares, it is very easy to find a nice outdoor cafe. And when the bars close you can still find people on the streets selling cans of beer until dawn. The party never ends in Gràcia, where there are more bars per square metre than in any other neighbourhood in Barcelona.

Gràcia is also host to Barcelona’s – and one of Spain’s most popular of all the Barcelona Neighbourhoods street parties: La Festa, Gràcia. The festival is held every year in the middle of August and the party goes on for 7 days and 7 nights. One of the reasons that the festival has become so popular is that the local people compete on who can best decorate their streets. And they take it very seriously. Shopping is also very good in Gràcia, with a mix of small hip stores and large, well-known brands.

For transport, Gracia Barcelona is served by the L3 (Green) and L4 (Yellow) lines of the Barcelona Metro, with stops at Penitents, Vallcarca, Lesseps, and Fontana on the L3, and Joanic and Verdaguer on the L4. The Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) also operate the Gràcia station of the Barcelona – Metro de Vallès line. In addition, many bus and night bus lines in the TMB Barcelona system cover Gràcia. Similar to the remainder of the city, bikes are extremely typical.

Popular attractions  in Gràcia are the street festival La Festa Gràcia (middle of August), The street Verdi with all its restaurants and bars and all the small town squares in Gracia.