Secrets of Barcelona : Espai Barroc

Enter the Espai Barroc and you will experience the past. Definitely one of the most impressive places in Barcelona

Espai Barroc

Espai Barroc

Don’t miss this hidden secret in Born! It’s easy to pass by the discrete entrance, but take a better look at the big mysterious wooden door always guarded by an old man and for sure you will get curious.

espai barroc

Espai Barroc is a unique baroque space of a beautiful 15th century palace. It is filled with hundreds of flickering candles, antique paintings, sculptures, flowers and large bowls. It feels like a real museum with high ceilings and old stone walls. You can listen to light baroque music and sometimes even live operas while sipping a glass of quality wine. The prices here are higher than usual, but the place is definitely worth visiting! A one-of-a-kind that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Recommended for those who are looking for something truly elegant and exclusive.

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