Sants Montjuic Barcelona

Sants Montjuic Barcelona offers plenty of things to see, almost no matter where your interests lie. Montjuic Barcelona is home to a number of the 1992 olympic locations, Montjuic Fountain and a museum. It is home to 2 art museums, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) and the Fundació Joan Miró. Sants Montjuic is likewise where you will discover the Castell de Montjuïc, the old fort of Montjuïc. Montjuic is also house to the fantastic Poble Espanyol (Spanish town), which has a variety of full scale designs of structures from the different regions of Spain, consisting of 40 various craft mans workshops. Poble Espanyol is home to Spain’s last 2 standard glassblowing furnaces.

For the botanically interested, there is the large Jardì Botànic (botanic gardens) method up the hill, the Laribal Gardens, and the amazing Jardins Mossèn Costa i Llobera. The Jardins Mossèn Costa i Llobera is filled with cacti of every sort, creating a remarkable mix of colours! The most significant “sight” in Sants is without a doubt the “Festa Major” celebration in august, where the entire area changes and becomes a huge celebration location with designs, music locations and an excellent atmosphere. Some may even assert that the Festa Major de Sants is even much better than the more popular Festa Major de Gràcia. In Sants Montjuic you will discover the gorgeous Parc de l’Espanya Industrial with the big synthetic lake in the middle. This park is exceptionally engaging and beautiful, with stone structures and iron dragons.

The new shopping mall “Las Arenas” is located in an old bullfighting arena, (for this reason the name Las Arenas was given). The stadium had been out of usage for numerous years prior to it being rebuilt into a shopping mall. Bull fightings popularity has been declining for decades, before it was finally banned in Catalunya in 2008.

Sants Montjuic Barcelona is where you will find plenty of bars and outdoors cafés. On Montjuïc you will find the occasional bar or cerveceria as you make your way up and down the curvy roadways. As you might have guessed there aren’t lots of clubs on Montjuïc, however Sants Montjuic is the home to the huge nightclub, Privilege, the Barcelona equivalent of the Ibiza mega house.

Montjuïc provides a wide range of fantastic dining establishments, some more pricey than others. The finest of the very best can be discovered at the dining establishment of the 5 star Miramar hotel located on the eastern side of Montjuïc. Another great, however also costly, restaurant is the El Xalet – however understand, they value quality over quantity, so don’t come here if you typically consume big! This area is also the place to look if you like Italian and Mexican cuisine! An Italian restaurant you need to visit is the La Briciola on Carrer d’ Olzinelles which serves terrific Italian food at more than sensible rates.

Barcelona’s train station, Sants Estació, is situated in the Sants area. Many of the city’s city lines stop at Sants Estació. The area has excellent connections to central Barcelona and it is close to the stunning mountain Montjüic. The tourist bus stops here, which is a plus, and it is more affordable than remaining in downtown Barcelona.