Getting Around Barcelona

Thankfully, this metropolitan city is rich in transportation options, so getting around Barcelona has been made easy for you. Since there is so much to explore about the city; places and buildings of historical significance, tourist attractions, cathedrals – travellers and holiday makers need to know they are able to get from A to B in good time. Depending on the regions you plan to visit and how willing you are to stretch across from district to district, you can find means of travelling at a reasonable rate. The capital city of Catalonia uses an excellent transportation system, which flows across all areas of interest. The best way to get around Barcelona is on public transport. They will take you to almost any point in the city quickly and comfortably. With an easy to use metro and tram system, an extensive network of regular and fast buses, supplemented by commuter trains and taxis, it is easy to make the most out of your visit as travel is so simple.

Metro System

The underground system (Metro) links all the central zones of the city and has stations in the main tourist areas, marked with the letter “M”. It runs from 5 am to midnight, Monday – Thursday, Sundays and public holidays – and from 5 am to 2 am on Fridays. On Saturdays and the eve of public holidays – 1 January, 24 June, 15 August and 24 September – services run all night. Read more about the Metro System…..

Trams and Buses

City buses are another good transport option for getting around Barcelona City. Trams also provide quick access to major industrial, shopping and residential areas. From Monday to Thursday and on public holidays, they run from 5 am to midnight approximately. On Fridays and the eve of public holidays, this service is extended until 2 am. Read more information about the bus service here and a guide about trams here.

Taxi Services

Most people prefer to use taxis at night for speed and comfort. Taxis can be found any day and any time. They are yellow and black and have their licence number displayed on the side. You can hail them in the street when they have the green light on. They can also be found at ranks on Barcelona’s central streets and squares. There is a radio taxi service – the taxi will come and pick you up from wherever you like. Tariffs are displayed inside the taxis and show the minimum fare, flag-down charge, kilometre charge and other extras such as night service, public holidays, and station or airport service. Read more about taxi services…..

Cycling & Walking

Getting around Barcelona by cycle is healthy and gives you the opportunity to see the sights close up. There are countless bike hire locations around town (ask at a visitor office for the closest), and also Barcelona has an increasing variety of cycle lanes. Barcelona’s Bicing City Bike System is mostly used by residents of Barcelona because it is intended as a public transport service for short bicycle journeys of maximum 30 minutes in duration. For this reason it is not really suitable as a sightseeing bicycle option and so for tourists visiting Barcelona, we recommend renting bikes at the many tourist bike rental companies who rent bikes at affordable hourly rates.

If you’re staying in the city centre, you might not have any need to use public transport whatsoever. Also when a little bit of a walk is involved, such as down to the coastlines, it’s still a pleasant walk with plenty to see. Be warned and take care though at road crossings as Spanish vehicle drivers usually ignore pedestrians and red lights. Read more about walking and cycling…..