Barcelona Nightlife

You hardly need an excuse to party all night long with the huge choice of Barcelona nightlife; the city is alive as much at night as it is by day thanks to the various popular Barcelona bars and clubs scattered throughout the city. With a population close to two million people, including the outside urban areas, there are hotspots nestled away with plenty of nocturnal adventures, from buzzing nightclubs to trendy bars and late night tapas. The city is buzzing with life in the evenings with neighbourhoods just waiting to be explored.

Whether you want to get down and relax with the hipsters, find some backpacker friends or hang out with the locals, there is more than enough to keep you entertained at a number of Barcelona bars and clubs once the sun goes down. Following Spanish tradition, Barcelona nightlife opportunities tend to focus around the Plaças or Squares in the capital city. Surrounding many historic spots; bars, clubs, lounges, and restaurants are plentiful.

There is a huge variety of Barcelona nightlife – bars and clubs, from small and cozy traditional Spanish bars playing live music, to an array of modern and amazing electronic clubs. The entrance fee for many Barcelona bars and clubs vary from 10 Euros to a maximum of 25 Euros per night, although you can gain free entry into many of the top venues on special guest lists, which are open for anyone to use.

La Rambla

La Rambla is one of the most well-known streets in the city cram packed with our favourite Barcelona nightlife options, bars and clubs. It has a 1.2km walkway stretching from the Mediterranean Sea until Plaza Catalunya. The boulevard is known for its eclectic street performers, wide array of shops, souvenir vendors, artists and overall lively and unique atmosphere. It’s also one of the best places in Barcelona to enjoy the eccentric nightlife. La Rambla is lined with clubs, cocktail bars and a host of mainstream as well as authentic places to experience an incredible evening. On one side you have the notorious Gotico, known for its late night discos, open all-night electronic clubs and abundance of live music venues as well as the famous Arcadian, Plaza Reial.

On the other side of the Ramblas is the Raval neighbourhood, which is ideal for those looking for something slightly lesser ‘known’. A great place for hipsters and people wanting to explore a rustic and cool area of town, the Raval is lined with bars, cocktail venues, small discos and out of the way, but popular Barcelona bars and clubs.

La Ribera

La Ribera or El Born is the perfect area if you’re looking enjoy a calmer, more sophisticated evening of Barcelona nightlife. La Ribera in Passeig del Born is an alternative district and yet another hub of Barcelona nightlife. With the highest concentration of bars in the city, this central square of the Born district is a late night hotspot for bar hoppers of all kinds including trendy locals, expats and laid-back travellers. Latin American themed bars and cocktail venues are particularly popular in these parts, where often people go to listen to live music and sip on fine wines and cocktails.

While the bars tend to overflow at weekends with well-dressed sophisticates in top-end fashion and chic vintage finds, an equally large number of more casual party-minded people gather in the public space with affordable beers bought from street vendors, so the square booms with an eclectic mix of people. No matter where you go out in Barcelona at night, there will plenty of options on hand, but it’s recommended to head to one district and then jump from venue to venue till you find what you’re looking for.